Monday, March 14, 2011

November, December, January, February....

I have been a slacker but better than updating a whole year right.
I guess nothing happened in November seeing as I didn't take any pictures. :( that is sad I will be doing better in future.

We traveled out to California for Christmas. We spent the week before and Christmas day at a beach house. It was a little cold but beautiful. We had some good times with the cousins and Nana.
I might be bias but I think my girls have the most beautiful blue eyes. They look so cute in the new jams they got from great grandma.

The girls had a blast pulling everything out of the stockings and started digging right in on all the candy. I might need to have a word with Santa next year about how much candy they got. What happen to the Fruit at the bottom stockings I got as a kid.

Nana helping the girls open there new puppys

They got it down fast. Open toss Open toss

Im not sure what this face was all about. I think she was a little drowsy

The blinding pinkness of my car. I love these seats they are so cute but thats a lot of pink.

This is the NASA view. Lock and load

The story goes like this...
Brooklyn: The babies wanted to jump off the chair but they are too little so I told them i would do it and it would be funny. Mommy: Was it funny Brooklyn : No.
I fear we are only at the start of the trouble this one is going to get her self into. so far 11 stitches and a broken foot, whats next.

Wow that was it for January. I am a bad picture taker. Ok I promise lots more pictures in the months to come.

As you can tell my girls love these Jams all of the pictures since Christmas they are in them
You did it!

I didn't do it

hehe I did it.

Fuzzy but cute

First Nap in many many months I had to photograph this great moment in time

OK who left the bathroom door open, your in trouble


"ok so i have a plan........"

I dont think we can both fit why dont you stand look out.

Im being cute pay no attention to the baby behind me. Look at me look at me.

The Mustache bash

The great cheese debate.

Hearts and Mustaches im not sure about that combo but it was fun

Im the best peace out yo!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Halloween 2010

We had a great Halloween. We had the babies paint there own pumpkins this year. Meghan was very focused on her masterpiece.

When she was done she decided Maddy needed some decoration too

Maddy was more interested in eating her paint brush but then she decided this was fun.

Brooklyn slept through the painting and we were in a rush to carve her pumpkin we forgot to take pictures. Poor kid.

We went trick er treating with Brooklyn's boy friend Tyler and his little sister. We are keeping a close eye on them for the future :) They were a little slow and very cold in the rain. We only made it to a few houses. The babies thought it was great and tried to get in every ones house when they opened the door. They loved getting the candy out of the bowl. I think they got more than Brooklyn.

We went up to Matt's parents house later to see the cousins and do a little more treating. The rain had stopped and the girls were much more excited about it.

The whole family. If you cant tell Matt and I are the little boy and girl and if you don't know who the girls are you are seriously lacking in your education and should promptly go out and get the Cat in the hat book :)

The cousins up at grandma and grandpa K's

Overall I think it was the best Halloween I have had since I was little. We could have done without the rain but in the end a great day!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Birthday Fun!

We have had a fun filled month of birthdays. August 10th Brooklyn turned 3. We spent the day at the zoo she had a blast. We had some friends and family that joined us there.

Later that week we had a birthday party. Brooklyn shares her Birthday with her unca Josh and Only 40 minutes to late Cousin Graham. born on August 11th.

Time for Cake:)

The babies love cupcakes!

September 16th Double the pleasure double the fun two little girls Turned one :)
We had a little party with the friends.
The proud uncles Tommy and Jake

Yummy Yummy

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Packed up all the kids and drove to Grand Junction, CO for Kira's grandpa Tige's memorial. It was really great to see a lot of the family we don't get to see often. Tige's memorial was excellent. Kiras dad Jim spoke and did a great job. It was very interesting to learn a lot more about Tige and the great man that he was.

Kira's dad and step-mom

We had just enough time to visit the Colorado National Monument. I recommend it if you're in the area. 4 miles up an unbelievable canyon to some spectacular views. The road at times is right on a cliff face and I got a little white knuckled behind the wheel. Luckily I didn't notice one curve labeled "Dead mans curve" on the map until later. The road continues in a giant loop but we decided to use our time to take one short hike.

Kira and her sister on the trail with all the kids. This hike was only 1/2 mile roundtrip and the kids did great. I did have to carry Brooklyn (as well as Meghan in the front pack) towards the end.

The view point at the end of the hike. The railing is right on a cliff and we never let go of Brooklyn's hand while out there. Only one really scary section of the hike right at the end where the trail is 3 or 4 feet from a sheer drop. I would say 400-500 feet straight down. This is Alecia, Kira's sister, and her kids, 2 of which were very dedicated to becoming "Junior Rangers". I wasn't there when they took the oath but I hear they completed all requirments and in record time.

The whole family with nothing but a chainlink fence between us and certain death.

Way, way past due for a haircut.